TGC Enrichment

Joining the Conversation . . .
TGC Enrichment provides an integrated studies enrichment experience for students in grades four through six. Designed to supplement your studies at home, TGC Enrichment incorporates Christian worldview studies throughout the curriculum and covers literature, geography, writing, and speaking, with history as the central organizing theme.

  • TGC Enrichment is great preparation for TGC Prep and TGC Primer.
  • Although TGC Enrichment follows the Tapestry of Grace Upper Grammar level timeline, class activities will enrich your home history/literature program, whether your family uses Tapestry of Grace or another program at home.
  • TGC Enrichment follows a three-year cycle of history, and students may begin in any year.
    • Ancient World (2019/2020)
    • Medieval World through the American Revolution (2017/2018)
    • 1800's (2018/2019)
Classical Education Meets the Unit Study . . .
TGC Enrichment is the best of both worlds!
  • Classical education . . .
    • Is history and language-intensive, providing students with a comprehensive view of human endeavor from creation onward.
    • Encourages the development of literate, curious, intelligent students who have a wide range of interests and the ability to follow up on them.
  • Unit studies
    • Integrate learning by focusing around a central, common theme.
    • Do not focus on dry memorization or busy work.
TGC Enrichment meets for 2.25 hours (see schedule). The average student should plan to devote approximately one hour or less each week to homework. Regular progress reports will be sent to parents.
  • Students must be nine years of age by September 1st.
Class Size
  • Minimum: 4
  • Maximum: 16
Tuition and Fees
Text & Materials