Primary Classes

The Schola Primary Program (Grades 1-3) nurtures a child’s natural appetite for learning and provides structure and accountability for homeschooling parents of young students in Grade 1 and Grades 2-3.

Students who are six years of age by September 1 may enroll in Grade 1 Integrated Studies.
Students who are seven years of age by September 1 may enroll in Grades 2-3 Integrated Studies.

Why choose Primary Classes at Schola?

We believe in cultivating a love for learning at the primary level by providing a strong foundation in the basic skills of reading, writing and math facts. Our desire is to gently nurture a child’s natural appetite for knowledge using beautiful literature and poetry, nature studies, and stories of history. Primary Classes at Schola are a perfectly rich beginning to a young child’s education.

Primary Class Distinctives

  • Essentials: Schola Primary Classes teach the vital skills of a primary education: reading comprehension, basic grammar and sentence structure, handwriting skills, and basic math facts.
  • Simplicity: Schola Primary Classes use time-tested methods that integrate learning goals into rich teaching activities such as narration, copy work and dictation, memorization, and nature journals.
  • Collaboration: Parents partner with the campus teacher to create and execute an age appropriate and academically rich education plan for the year.

Schola Primary Classes: Nurturing a child’s natural appetite for learning.