FAQ: Latin

Why should a student study Latin?

Because Latin is the mother tongue of Western Civilization, as well as the language of the Christian faith for over a thousand years, it is the ideal tool for the transmission of cultural literacy. Latin mottoes, phrases, and sayings surround us every day, and much of Western literature assumes at least a passing understanding of Latin.

Not only is Latin the most efficient way to learn the grammar of our own language, Latin is also the basis for the Romance languages, giving Latin students a leg up in any further study of Spanish, French, and Italian, as well as Portuguese and Romanian. Latin also provides a foundation for scientific education.

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Will the study of Latin help a student on the SAT?

Because Latin has had a greater impact on our own language than any other foreign language (60% of modern English words are based on Latin), Latin students typically score about 50 points higher on the SAT, both verbal and math, than students who have not studied Latin.

Does Latin fulfill a high school or college Foreign Language requirement?

Most colleges and universities accept Latin in fulfillment of high school language requirements. Some, however, may not accept high school Latin in fufillment of college language proficiency requirements. It is important to look at the requirements of all the colleges and universities that your students may be interested in.

What academic preparation would be helpful for a student before entering Schola Latin?

Students preparing to enter Latin 1 need no special preparation.