FAQ: Science

What academic preparation would be helpful for a student before entering Schola Science?

Students preparing to enter Physical Science would benefit from one or two years of general science studies. Some suggestions for preparatory study include BJU Press Life Science and Space and Earth Science texts or Apologia’s General Science and Physical Science texts.

Should the science classes be taken in a particular order?

Junior High Science classes (Life Science and Earth Science are interchangeable. Each may be studied in either 7th or 8th grade, although the publisher lists LIfe Science in 7th grade and Earth Science in 8th grade.

Physical Science (often called Integrated Physics and Chemistry), is a preliminary introduction to Chemistry and Physics. This course is foundational to further high school science study as basic molecular and physical principles, which will be expanded in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, are discussed.

Note: In the state of Texas, the Recommended High School Program for college-bound students allows IPC with lab to count as the fourth science IF it is taken BEFORE Chemistry and Physics (now required for all graduating students under both the recommended and distinguished programs). Thus IPC could be taken before or AFTER Biology but before Chemistry and Physics. Check admissions requirements for specific colleges and universities.

Are lab supplies provided to students?

The supply fee covers all copies, extra materials, and lab equipment/specimens.

The student is required to provide only highlighters/colored pencils, pen and pencil, notebook paper, and a 2-3 inch notebook with five dividers.