Schola Registration

To apply for admission to Schola classes:

  1. Attend a Schola Information Meeting.
  2. Complete a Application Packet.
  3. Make an appointment with a Schola Academic Advisor.

To register a student for Schola classes:

  1. If needed, meet with a Schola Academic Advisor.
  2. Print and complete a Registration Packet.
  3. Mail Registration Forms and a check for total fees to address noted on Registration Form.
  4. Your registration will be finalized when you receive a Registration Confirmation. Checks are deposited after June 1st.

To add or drop a registration for Schola classes:

  • You may add or drop classes (with a $25 Add/Drop Fee) by emailing the Registrar.
  • Your registration is a ten-month agreement with the instructor and precludes another student from taking that spot in the class. Please choose classes carefully and remember that there is a one-month’s tuition drop fee for any class dropped after Orientation.
  • If your family drops a class and is no longer eligible for a TGC Package price, your tuition payments will return to the full amount for the remaining months of the school year.

Class Cancellations:

  • Each instructor has set a minimum number of students for her classes.
  • Classes without that minimum number of registrations will be canceled by August 1st.

Study Hall Information

Contact the Registrar.