Speech and Debate

This class will be an interactive class experience, with students completing homework assignments and then practicing new skills in class with coaching from the instructor. Students will work alone and in groups, increasing their speaking and critiquing skills.

Each year, the fall semester will be dedicated to one type of speech. Students will spend the semester preparing for the presentation, which will be presented to their parents. The students will also be prepared to compete in one event in the Homeschool Speech tournaments held by NCFCA (National Christian Forensics and Communication Association) if they so desire. The spring semester will be spent on training in other types of public speaking.

Speech & Debate class will have a different focus each year in a three-year cycle. The class cycle is not progressive, i.e. students may enter Speech and Debate in any year and may continue to improve their skills throughout the three-year cycle.

  • Speech & Debate A: (2017/2018)
    Fall - Platform Speaking
    Spring - Debate, Apologetics, Impromptu
  • Speech & Debate B: (2018/2019)
    Fall - Apologetics
    Spring - Persuasion, Visual Aid Speech, Literature Interpretation
  • Speech & Debate C: (2019/2020)
    Fall - Art of Interpretation
    Spring - Lincoln Douglass Debate, Biographical Speeches, Impromptu
Speech and Debate class meets on Thursdays (see schedule ). The average student should plan to devote approximately 30 minutes per day including class time to Speech and Debate studies.
  • Students, grades 9-12 can successfully enter Speech and Debate.
Class Size
  • Minimum: 10
  • Maximum: 20
Tuition and Fees
Text & Materials